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Richard Rogers Excavations provides a fantastic range of diggers, excavators and dumpers for hire in the Wirral and Chester areas. All of our machinery will come with one of our many qualified and insured drivers so that you can benefit from their skilled expertise.

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We offer a range of dumpers and diggers for hire in Wirral and Chester areas. Diggers available from Richard Rogers Excavations include micro diggers, mini diggers, 13 ton excavators, concrete breaker and skid steers. All of our diggers are suitable for a wide range of groundwork and landscaping needs. We also provide mini digger hire in the Wirral


Quotes are available as either a start to finish of your project or as a standard daily rate. If you have any queries, or would like a no obligation quote, please contact Richard Rogers Excavations today!





Whatever the size of your job, we can meet your requirements, whether you are looking for dumper hire in Wirral, digger hire in Chester or a combination of different plant machinery.


From diggers to work in tight and compact spaces to large diggers for some of the bigger excavation jobs, you’ll find diggers for hire in Liverpool and surrounding areas at a rate that is both reasonable and affordable. If you have requirements for a more bespoke digger or excavator for your project then let us know, we can always find the right digger for your needs.


Complement your digger on your excavation site with a dumper to help you remove all the waste product from your location. Whether you are doing landscaping work or construction work, our diggers are just the ticket. We can advise you on the size of dumper you’ll need for your project to ensure you have the carrying capability that you need.

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RR Logo_All_white.png


We make hiring a digger or dumper straightforward and can deliver these straight to your location where the excavation work is being carried out. We provide long and short term hire, from as a little as one day to as long as you need. We can help both domestic and commercial customers with their digger and dumper hire requirements.


If you need a digger for a DIY project which requires some significant excavation, then hiring one can be far more preferable to toiling away manually and saving you significant time. And even if you do opt to hire a digger and might think you will be able to operate it, it is often better to pay that bit extra for the skills of an experienced operator.


Our team can help you save both time and money by ensuring that we match you with the right size machinery for your job. Our plant machinery is well maintained, but should your digger or dumper develop a fault, we won’t leave you hanging and facing long delay, as we offer on-site repairs and will usually get a mechanic out to you on the day.


Quotes are available as either a start to finish of your project or as a standard daily rate. If you have any questions, or would like a no obligation quote, please contact Richard Rogers Excavations and tell us your digger and dumper requirements today!

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