Small Demolition Wirral

With our full range of diggers, dumpers and concrete breakers, we here at Richard Rogers Excavations are the local experts in small demolition on the Wirral. Whatever the purpose for which the site is being prepared, we will handle the whole task from demolition through to clearance.

Although demolition may be considered the poor relation of the construction process, an experienced demolition contractor like ourselves will often know more about materials and the true strength of a structure than many structural engineers. This is due to our many years of pulling apart small buildings and understanding the relationships between the materials used in their construction and their effects on party walls, if any.

Every demolition project is different, usually with several alternatives and sequences that could be employed to achieve the required result. We are experts in conducting initial site surveys, which are an essential part of any project to ensure a safe and cost-effective programme of work. Our preliminary survey will include the identification of any hazards, some of which may not otherwise be readily apparent, and then finalizing and initiating the project plan to ensure the safe and timely completion of the project.

After demolition we will clear the site and dispose of all materials in compliance with local and national standards. As one of the local contractors for small demolition on the Wirral we will always strive to delight with the quality of work that we do and the affordable prices we are able to offer.

Mini Digger

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