Small Demolition Chester

Making improvements to a property can enhance its value whether it is to replace an unwanted structure or build something completely new. We here at Richard Rogers Excavations are the local experts in providing small demolition in Chester to meet our clients’ requirements safely, quickly and at affordable prices. We have a fleet of specialized equipment at our disposal from mini diggers, concrete breakers, dumpers and excavators to enable us to provide a complete service from demolition through to site clearance.

From our long and successful experience we know that demolition is not simply de-construction. Every structure is different, containing different materials and construction methods. We conduct a preliminary survey to establish the safest yet most efficient demolition plan, identifying in the process which equipment from our fleet will be best suited for the task. Potential hazards are identified and taken into account, with the overall process enabling us to offer an affordable solution to our clients’ land preparation requirements.

During and after the demolition process we will clear the site and dispose of all materials fully in accordance with local and national requirements. Depending on the size of the job, debris is removed as work progresses to ensure the site remains clear and safe. However large or small the site, even if access might be difficult, we will have the most appropriate equipment available from our store to conduct and complete the task. We at Richard Rogers Excavations are the local contractors for any small demolition in Chester, able to provide a high-quality and affordable solution to any land preparation needs.

small demolition

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