Mini Digger Hire in Wirral & Chester

When any individual or contractor needs to carry out small-scale excavations, it is important to be using the right tools for the job. The best tool to have on the team for any such task is a mini digger. Perfect for carving out foundations and great for shifting cumbersome and heavy loads, mini digger hire in the Wirral can be done weeks in advance of a project, or on the same day.

Mini digger manufacturers

There are some very big global manufacturers that produce mini diggers, from JCB and Caterpillar, to Bobcat. However, other manufacturers also produce often better machines, which typically command lower hire charges, making them even more cost-effective. Terex and Kubota are two such manufacturers which lead the field in this regard. No matter what brand is hired though, these mini excavators are certainly built to go to work. Whether needed to excavate footings for a new extension or to dig cable ditches and lay pipework, a perfect type can be found, complete with concrete breakers and skid steers.

Agility against strength

The single most important factor in choosing a micro digger is weighing up the manoeuvrability on offer against the performance provided. In essence, it is all a question of size. The bigger a digger is the more power it should have. In the same way, by being more lightweight, greater agility should be provided by the smaller machines. Accessibility is important when considering the size too. While most mini excavators have collapsible frames for easy tracking through gaps and doorways, small machines will be able to work in tighter spaces. This is ideal for those who need to carry heavy items through narrow spaces, such as garden paths, extensions and outbuildings, for example.

Versatility counts

While being agile and mobile is essential for many tasks requiring a mini digger, it is also important that they lend a certain amount of versatility to proceedings. As well as digging, they should also be able to haul heavy loads and be transported easily themselves. This all makes the accessories that are available with diggers important. From using different bucket sizes and volumes as loads increase, to using slings for easier lifting, there are many attachments to look for. Also valuable for many tasks is an accompanying trailer; making things easier when moving between sites.

Health and Safety

Being a powerful tool, it is important that all people likely to use the mini digger know how it works. The best companies hiring these machines will make sure this is the case, while extensive literature should also be provided with all units. The best hire firms will also ensure that all equipment they are responsible for is in the best possible condition. Providing high levels of customer service is important too, to ensure that the very best units are available and any breakdowns are dealt with promptly. Here at Richard Rogers Excavations, we ensure the best mini digger hire in the Wirral through a sensible and practical approach. Hiring only the best machines, we ensure that groundworks, gravel paths and foundations are completed in the best way possible.

Hire a mini digger now!

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mini digger hire

Our Diggers

Kubota U-17

with quick hitch and varied buckets available

Length: 3,545 mm

Width: 990 mm (with the tracks out 1,240 mm)

Height: 2,340 mm

Dig depth: 2,310 mm

Weight: 1,650 kg

Volvo ECR28

with quick hitch and varied buckets available

Length: 4,000 mm

Width: 1,550 mm

Height: 2,440 mm

Dig depth: 2,660 mm

Weight: 2,810 kg

Terex 1 ton Dumper Ta1eh

Length: 2,980 mm

Width: 1,118 mm

Height: 1,745 mm (with roll bar down)

Weight: 1,350 kg

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