Mini digger hire in Chester

Hiring a mini digger in Chester is a great way for both private individuals and contractors in the area to work on small-scale excavations. It is an extremely cost-effective method of working on such jobs, or when there is a need to carry out a lot of shifting and lifting. Also ideal for digging foundations, these mini excavators can often be hired at short notice for emergency tasks.

Major brands of mini diggers

Mini, or micro, diggers are made by many of the world's leading plant and machinery manufacturers. This means that their build quality and performance can be relied upon. Major names in the sector include Bobcat, Caterpillar, JCB, Kubota and Terex. Across the range, all diggers are perfectly designed to excavate trenches, small footings and cable, while also helping considerably with pipe laying. Included features on the mini excavators are concrete breakers and skid steers, for ease of operation, while maximum operating limits extend to 13-ton.

Manoeuvrability vs power

One of the most important factors when selecting which mini digger is best for the job is whether agility or strength is needed. Essentially, the smaller a digger is, the more manoeuvrable it will be. However, with much of this manoeuvrability due to the unit's lightness, there is a necessary reduction in available power. Understanding the space available is important before deciding on exactly which digger is needed. It is also important to understand the space available for access. For example, if works are being conducted in the back garden, the entrance way between the house and the garden fence could be a consideration. However, most micro diggers can slot between a standard doorway with most having a collapsible frame in any case.

Versatility is key

As much as mobility of the machine is essential to getting the task done, so too is its versatility. As well as being available in a range of power capacities and specialisations, it is also possible to customise the machines in order that they can do as effective a job as possible. There are different bucket sizes available for example, while an extensive range of slings and grapples ensures any task can be met capably. Other attachments are also readily available, while trailers to help with transportation of the unit can be very beneficial.

Safety first

As a powerful tool, it is essential that the operating instructions for all mini diggers are carefully read and understood. The best digger hire firms will also ensure anyone using the machines is adequately trained, as they should when hiring any tools. Professional providers of diggers will also ensure the equipment is kept in the best possible condition, and strive to deliver the very best customer service. Whether they are looking for the digger to be delivered directly to site, or collecting, it should also come fully prepared to start working. At Richard Rogers Excavations, we know all about getting the right mini digger to our Chester customers. Selecting only the best machines to rent, we make any task a little bit easier, whether it’s paving driveways or completing deep groundworks.

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We are Fully insured and the smallest Digger needs only 30in access required.