Digger Services in Chester

Chester residents, like many others across the country, take pride in the appearance and upkeep of their property. With the community home to over 120,000 people and the city surrounded by walls that date back to medieval times, digger services in Chester are often called upon to complete landscaping ground work in preparation for a bigger overall project.

Whether planning to clear land in order to put it to better use, or demolish an existing structure or outbuilding, calling on a local company that provides digger services could provide the solution you are looking for. However, remember that the operators of the machinery provided should be insured and qualified to do so.

Those who call on the support of digger services in Chester may include new owners of a property or existing ones who wish to undertake some remedial actions or renovations.

The cost of these projects can and will vary, as it is very much dependable on the development’s specifications. However, using the right machinery for the job will make sure that it goes smoothly and to budget.

Generally, the overall aim of such a project is to improve and possibly increase the space available at a property, whether residential or commercial. When a dramatic overhaul is desired, digging machinery is required to prepare the land for further works.

For those who are planning to undertake and implement a project that will require the services, advice and support of firms that provide digger services, Chester company Richard Rogers Excavations can support you throughout the work.

We are experts in our field and specialise in providing a range of diggers in a variety of sizes, depending on the job they are required for. Being locally based, we have a sound working knowledge of Chester and its surrounding areas. Contact us today to talk through your proposal and to obtain a competitive, no-obligation quote.


Our Diggers

Kubota U-17

with quick hitch and varied buckets available

Length: 3,545 mm

Width: 990 mm (with the tracks out 1,240 mm)

Height: 2,340 mm

Dig depth: 2,310 mm

Weight: 1,650 kg

Volvo ECR28

with quick hitch and varied buckets available

Length: 4,000 mm

Width: 1,550 mm

Height: 2,440 mm

Dig depth: 2,660 mm

Weight: 2,810 kg

Terex 1 ton Dumper Ta1eh

Length: 2,980 mm

Width: 1,118 mm

Height: 1,745 mm (with roll bar down)

Weight: 1,350 kg

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